meg mehta

Product Commercialization & Corporate Development in Gaithersburg, Maryland

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Great to see you viewing my portfolio! My work is a testament of my pursuit to build brands that re-build patients lives!

I have worn many different hats – brand marketer, dealmaker, customer insights miner, new products champion, sales force trainer, financial modeler, market development pro, medical writer, technology/company analyst, start-up business planner, blogger et al. I have loved every bit of it!

The adventure streak in me led to the US from India, compelled me to traverse coast to coast from small start-ups to big pharma cos while working on different products, technologies and diseases!

I enjoy working with diverse group of colleagues from clinical, marketing, medical affairs, sales force functions to help support cool products

Allow me to list the entire arsenal in my tool-kit!

My Technical Tool-Kit

Brand Marketing

· Brand Positioning and Value-Proposition

· Messaging and Sales Story

· Brand Plans

· Brand Tactics

· Developing Marketing Programs and Campaigns

Primary Marketing Research

· Market Insights

o Market segmentation

o Competitive simulation

o Customer Journey

· Customer Insights

o Treatment drivers and Barriers

o Customer portraits

o KOL ad-boards

o Patient-product fit

o Patient Physician dialog

o Patient ethnography

o Physician emotional inquiries

o HCP segmentation

o Customer experience programs

o Payor Ad-boards and research

o Pricing research

· Brand Insights

o Brand positioning

o Branded and un-branded disease awareness campaigns

o Messaging and sales aid testing

o Creative concept testing

o Brand user vs. non-users research

Secondary Marketing Research

· Competitive Clinical Intelligence

o Competitor data reviews and milestones

o Conference coverage

· Competitor Brand Intelligence

o Competitor brand promotions analytics

· Forecasting

o Building forecasting models across various therapy areas

o Managing forecast scenarios and assumptions

· Secondary Analytics Dash-boards

o Social media listening dash-board

o Product performance dash-boards

o Product promotional analytics reviews

Pipeline Marketing

· Product commercialization

o Target product profile development

o KOL audit

o Commercial guidance on clinical trial designs

o Commercial guidance on pricing, packaging

· Strategic inputs in commercialization

o Distribution strategy formulation

o Technology platform commercialization

Corporate Development (Licensing and M&A)

· Deal Sourcing

o Deal sourcing strategy

o Deal data-base development

o Deal prospecting

· Target Assessm

  • Work
    • AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
  • Education
    • Rutgers University