Mike Gross

Editor in Boulder, Colorado

Mike Gross

Editor in Boulder, Colorado

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I'm as much of a grammar snob as I appreciate the fluidity of an ever-changing, living language. You might say I'm a language nerd. But I'm not stuffy about it. In fact, I hate when people police others' speech. I think we easily forget that expression is merely a way to understand our own perceptions, and grasp the ways we struggle to access reality through structured knowledge and systems of meaning.

Of course, because I am a real human, there are other dimensions to my personality. For instance, I like art about as much as I hate art, I try to get into the wilderness as frequently as possible, and I'm an advocate for human-powered and sustainable transportation. Attributes I look for in others, and I try to cultivate more in myself, are things like agency, appreciation for community, rigorous dialogue, individualism, and some kind of spirituality. I like the American West, film, urban planning & development, and more!

Here are some more facts about me that leave no doubt that I'm a living, breathing human:

1 torso and 4 limbs

bipedal mammal

Colorado native

proficient at racquetball


anti-internal combustion engine

  • Work
    • Content Manager
  • Education
    • BA English
    • MFA Poetry