MindSpace Solutions

MindSpace Solutions is passionate about seeing the world from a new perspective and bringing it to life with Augmented Reality (AR) - a truly multi-dimensional experience beyond the ordinary.

MindSpace Solutions Ltd was founded by Eric Woods in 2003. It was the first spinout company from the Human Interface Technology Lab NZ, a research centre based at the University of Canterbury, NZ researching augmented reality and human interaction with computers.

MindSpace has developed two products: Imaginality - a computer-based education package, and the Digital Binocular Station - a self-contained, interactive display experience.


MindSpace believes playing and learning are the same thing, the more interested and engaged you are, the more you learn. Imaginality enables people to hold virtual objects in the palm of their hands, just like holding toys you can interact with. For instance build the human heart, compare two planets, investigate moon phases and wear traditional Maori clothes. It is able to defy the laws of physics and give people access to objects that are expensive, dangerous or fragile in the real world. Imaginality brings learning to life in exciting ways that are accessible to visual, audible and kinaesthetic learners.

Digital Binocular Station (DBS)
Digital Binocular Stations use augmented reality to bring places to life. They take places, in the real world, and weave stories and experiences over it digitally. This adds layers of meaning and context, enhancing a users’ experience of any given environment. It excites and captivates audiences, increasing accessibility and relevance to the place.
The Digital Binocular Station also has the ability to be anchored to the real world so that when the station is rotated, both the real world and the digital content move as one.
Digital content includes video, still images, audio and text.

See www.MindSpaceSolutions.com for more information, images and videos.