Mahesh Kotekar

Software Developer, Web Developer, and Agile Development in Bengaluru, India

Mahesh Kotekar

Software Developer, Web Developer, and Agile Development in Bengaluru, India

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Total IT experience (9+ years)

Professional Experience

0. Application development, product development through Kanban model

1. Working with Agile development methodology and managing a team of four engineers.

2. Strategical prioritization, Sprint planning, story reviews, scrums, retrospectives and managing story risks within iteration.

3. Working on projects involving technology like C#, win forms &

4. Driving enhancements and complete ownership of team deliverable.

5. Mitigating the risks involved with technical challenges faced within team.

6. Collaboration with various teams involved in resolving corrections which involve multiple teams.

7. Resource-task allocation and effective use of resources.

8. Excellent Analytic and problem solving techniques.


0. [Aug-2017] Started with Ruby on Rails, MySQL, JAVA, REST services

1. [2012] .Net [C#, Winforms and ASP.NET] CLR-Version: 2.0,3.5,4.0

2. WCF, Web services

2. Visual Basic 5.0/6.0

3. MS-SQL 2000/2005

4. CCL [Cerner specific scripted language]

5. HTML, XML, java script, HL7


[2017]LabSequencing [Molecular Diagnostics/NGS/PCR into ]

[2013]Helix [capturing, modeling and presenting DNA data with Lab solution ]

[2012]Person Management/Registration Management [ADT]

[2011]Foreign System Interface [HL7,FSI][2010]Club Membership Management [2009]Accounts receivables [ACR]

Familiar with

0. Logical reasoning, troubleshooting, faster debugging, understanding the architecture

1. Client facing work

2. Mentoring new joiners and task allocation

3. Requirement analysis, Functional requirement design

4. ER design

5. Considerable knowledge on Design patterns

6. Query performance tuning and re-factoring code

7. Mapping functional workflow with project and its dependencies

8. Application design and development

9. Architectural decisions and building expertise.

Programming paradigm

0. Procedure oriented programming

1. Event driven programming

2. Object oriented programming

3. Windows development

4. Web development

Development Methodology

0. Waterfall model

1. Agile/scrum model

3. Kanban Model

Source Control apps

1. GIT-windows

2. Tortoise SVN

3. Feature Tracker [Cerner specific]

Dev and debugging Tools

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    • Cerner
  • Education
    • Computer Science and Engineering