Mahesh Kotekar

Software Developer, Web Developer, and Agile Development in Bengaluru, India

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10+ years of amazing experience with various technologies and multiple domains makes my professional life pretty exiciting so far.

At present working with RubyOnRails, REST Java services and ReactJS tech stack for new GENOMICS solution which supports majority of the NGS workflows.

Driving the transition of the solution from different geographical region and building the team of 10+ engineers from fresh grads.This is an exciting opportunity that I had chance to experience and be part of it. Working with complex real time requirements of Genomics Lab and realizing them through software products for better efficiency and ease of use.


GENOMICS [capturing, modeling and presenting DNA data with Lab solution and NGS]

Person Management/Registration Management [ADT]

Foreign System Interface [HL7,FSI]

Accounts receivables [ACR]

Club Membership Management

Professional Experience

1. Building a team of 10+ Engineers to be technical competent.

2. Working on design and development of new projects, programming.

3. Breaking down complex work requirements, solution problems into technical stories

4. Managing risks, escalations, conflicts within team and all communications with the management

5. Client communication, Strategic road map development and solution improvements

6. Working on new Idea's, innovative project proposals and patenting idea's

7. Experienced with MDSAP and ISO audits in IT environment

8. Experienced with Medical Device Software Development complying with Lab Regulations from FDA and EU


1. JAVA, RubyOnRails and ReactJS

2. .Net [C#, Winforms and ASP.NET]

3. WCF, Web services

4. Visual Basic 5.0/6.0

5. MS-SQL 2000/2005, MySQL(InnoDB)

6. CCL [Cerner specific scripted language], VBSciript, JavaScript

  • Work
    • Cerner Corporation
  • Education
    • Computer Science and Engineering