Paul Olsen, Denver


Paul Olsen of Denver has spent the last 25 years of his career working as a business broker in Denver. Denver is a fast-growing city that boasts improved economic opportunities for many people moving there to find jobs in a growing market. Energy and technology companies have flocked to Denver and the surrounding area because of this opportunity and favorable conditions for businesses to thrive. Olsen has helped many businesses in the area change hands.

Paul Olsen Denver has helped many of his clients create value for their businesses throughout his 25-year career as a business broker working for Company Broker Group, which helps business owners find suitable buyers for their businesses and create interest on the open market. Company Broker Group can also start auctions to increase the sales price of its clients’ life’s work. Olsen and his team know that selling a business is not easy, and often involves a complex set of prerogatives from all sides in order to make it happen. Olsen always tries to create as much value for his clients’ businesses as he can in order to increase the sales price and keep his clients happy. Olsen says that his greatest reward is getting his clients the best possible price for their businesses.

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