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Boulder, Colorado

Webinar Recording: Grading your Sales & Marketing Organization

Piste Group helps B2B clients significantly grow their business by helping to define and execute upon strategic sales and marketing programs. With increased price commoditization and markets becoming more segmented, clients often express their concern to us about how to grow their business organically, the cost and ineffectiveness associated with lead generation programs and questions how best to build or scale sales team.

We believe strategy is the cornerstone to any marketing and sales plan. We help our clients understand how to transform goals and objectives into a framework of actions. This commitment sets forth integrated sales and marketing campaigns that we help client teams deploy to create awareness, generate relationships and influence buyer’s decision along their journey.

We are a boutique firm that provides consulting services in the following areas:


Market segmentation and positioning

Brand promise and communication goals

Production and service positioning

Channel and partners

Global Marketing

Content Marketing

Product messaging and positioning

Influencer marketing

International SEO

Social media strategy

Email marketing and lead nurturing strategy

Sales process plans and implementation

Sales Training

Lead generation programs

Sales process audit, design, management overview

Compensation design

If information on how to communicate with buyers through the complete lifecycle would be relevant to the programs and goals you would like to achieve, we’d love to hear from you: info@pistegroup.com

Piste Group

Chris Raulf, Jen Beaupre & Adam Blau.