Rodney Lankford | Alabama | Gadsden

Consultant, Business Development, and Networking in Gadsden, AL

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Rodney Lankford Alabama

Hello, I’m Rodney Lankford. I’m a consultant living in Gadsden, AL. I am a fan of technology, entrepreneurship, and finance. I’m also interested in innovation.

All over the country, Rodney facilitates companies in achieving their financial goals, while building close business relationships in the process.

Rodney was previously a financial adviser in the financial services sector before he entered the expense reduction sector. His list of customers include fund managers, high net-worth individuals, hedge fund companies, and mutual fund companies from all over the USA. Rodney’s network include a wide range of investors (both individuals and institutions). These investors depend on his expertise for fast and consistent growth. Now, he enjoys providing cost-effective solutions to help individuals and companies increase their profitability.