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A Comprehensive Guide to Wet Shaving:

Back in the day a classic wet shave was embraced by a substantial percentage of men as it gave them more than just comfort and aesthetic appeal. However, as time went by the dynamics of life and large scale marketing of big companies saw traditional wet shaving pushed to the back seat.

Luckily, the art of wet shaving has made a comeback and more men are embracing it as they have found it to be more appealing and satisfying than electric razors.

1. Hot water:

Water is meant to soften your beard, open the pores and prepare your face for a great shave.

2. Shaving Cream and Soap:

Always use a quality soap or cream when creating a lather with a shaving brush. Although there are multiple benefits to using both the soap and cream to create a lather, your preference will most likely determine whether you use both or one of them. We recommend you start with creams because it's easy to whip up a bowl full and is also pretty rich compared to soap.

3. Shaving Brush:

You will need a brush to create the lather. A badger shaving brush is the classic choice.

4. Shaving Razor:

We recommend using a quality multi-blade 5 blade razor. Please stay away from disposables!

5. Aftershave:

After shaving you can splash cold water then soothe and close the pores using your preferred aftershave. In case your skin is soft and sensitive, you can go alcohol-free to avoid the burn. The good thing with aftershaves is that they don't have strong smell like the perfumes, which means you can use them without worrying much about the scent. There are many options and all you need to do is take your time to identify which one suits you best.

Simplified Wet Shaving Steps:

i. Start by applying a warm wet towel over the skin to soften the hair and skin. Alternatively, you can take a warm shower.

ii. You can apply a pre-shave lotion or oil (if it's okay with you) to create a slick face before applying cream.

iii. Foam a lather using a shaving cream or soap in a bowl and apply it on your face using a shaving brush. This lifts the facial hair hence providing close shave.

iv. Do multiple passes with the shaving razor and apply cream in between. First go with the grain, then across the grain and finally against the grain in case your skin isn't overly sensitive

v. Finish off with a cool rinse and apply an aftershave. You can add a little cologne to smell great for the rest of the day.

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