Safeer khan Durrani

Youth Activist and Peace Promoter in Peshawar, Pakistan

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Humanist, believing in human dignity, Pluralism, Liberalism, and Progressive Nationalism. Cultural, Peace and Human Rights Activist.

Preserving Freedom, Democracy, Civil Liberties, Human Dignity & The Value Of Each Human Being, Human Right's, Social Justice, Fairness, Wisdom, Philosophy Of Life & the Universe & Current Affairs,

Equality and Human Right's enables all to be able to exist, equally, without persecution, enjoy their lives and contribute to society.

Allowing all mankind to contribute to society will bring out the full potential of all nations and mankind.

Human Right's brings up civilization to forward advancement by allowing full participation of all.

It is the responsibility of all People and Nations to treat one another with respect, dignity and by not denying anyone of the Universal Declarations.

Inequality is violence that is an avoidable, impairment of fundamental human needs that includes racism, sexism, ageism etc.

Inequality is also form of violence that is political, economic and includes social conditions that prevent people from reaching their full potential.

Chairman at Democratic students federation Pakistan,

A peace activist, working with Peace Movement.

Belongs to Durrani's family of Charsadda. Durranis are afghan tribes.

Born on 5th-oct-1993 at Turangzai, a village of charsadda.

From the platform of DSF-PAKISTAN working for students rights, having the moto "Education is ours right".

Secretary Research & Advocacy National Party Pakistan.

Working with many Socio-political Organizations.

  • Work
    • President Democratic students federation Pakistan.
  • Education
    • PHARM-D (Docter of pharmacy)