norma haney

Web Developer, Project Manager, and Writer in Seattle, WA

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I am a web developer, project manager, and writer currently living in Seattle, WA. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in programming, education, and innovation. Currently I am working as a tech device enhancer at Samsung inc. I love my job because it's tech related. Currently I am working on Samsung smart switch tool enhancing project. samsung smart switch anleitung is the most secure data transfer tool for android devices and also iOS devices too. this tool gives seamless data transferring experience to the user with more flexibility. it's very easy to handle too. Currently we are researching this to the next level android platform and also for iOS platform. We have developed website for give the best experience with smart switch to the user, because when we analyse the user ideas, they told that downloading this tool from our mother site is difficulty to them. For to solve that problem we developed the below beta website for Samsung smart switch. we are still developing the website to give best user experience fast. In end of 2020 this website will be the official website for smart switch PC tool. keep in touch. thank you. you can contact me through below link.