Señor Priego

Available for gigs wherever there's a set-up for DJing vinyl. My sets are ideal for a discerning clientele into global sounds.

Based in London, UK.

Demo sets of the stuff I play:

clickhere for funk/latin/disco etc.

click here for jazz/deep house/deep soulful etc.

click here for cumbia.

More about me:

In Mexico City I co-founded the Alcachofa Sound Arts Collective and the Parador Análogo Sound System. I created sound installations based on vinyl records & magnetic tapes, and organised, curated and promoted independent music festivals and underground club nights.

I was behind now-legendary nights such as Igloo (El Marro, Salón México) Selecta' and Profunda (Parador Análogo, La Perla) and Indietronic Melancholics (Non Solo Jazz) amongst many others. I was a musical adviser for the Mexico City Arts Festival, which also co-organised the Mexico City Love Parade amongst other major events.

Since 2006 I've done several Sofa Sessions & Sonido Chipotle nights in London, where I've DJed old-school Latin (Cuban son; bugalú, cumbia, New York salsa), jazz, funk, dub, rare groove & deep house in venues including Shunt, Notting Hill Arts Club, Salmon & Compass, Sevilla Mía, Camino, Passing Clouds & various gastropubs across the capital.


(Looking for my academic self? I'm here...)