Starvingstudents Movers

Starving Students Movers is the best service available on the market for moving a household, apartment, dorm, storage area, or basically any moving space for a very low cost. They might even move you from space if you asked them to! This moving company has a high rate of positive customer reviews and has proven (since their formation in 1973) that they have what it takes to be your choice of permanent movers for the rest of your life! This company has the experience, attitude, and size to give you the ultimate, safe, friendly moving experience at a very affordable cost. The name says it all. Starving students out there, this is the company for you! If you are tired of movers breaking all of your things and causing destruction as they slam your dresser into the ground when they try to get it into their big, rattling, unstable moving truck, join the rest of the smart people in this world and get a hold of this great, quality moving company. Starving Students Movers, or SSM for short, has specially trained an elite group of determined, manual labor loving movers who give the greatest of care when wrapping bubble wrap, hoisting furniture, carrying big mirrors, or just any kind of that work in general. Each worker has to go through a customer support training tutorial where they learn how to treat customers with the utmost respect and handle their things with care. Honesty is one of the biggest policies of the SSM. When a worker breaks something or accidentally drips something on one of your belongings they will walk right up to you and tell you about it. Sometimes they will even pay you for it out of their own pocket! This is because the movers of SSM are paid very well, but that pay does not add into the cost of your services because the company is so huge. Another advantage to hiring such a huge company is the fact that this company is experienced in every type of move. Anything you can throw at SSM they can handle. Do you have a piano that wont fit out of the door of your loft on the 100th story of a skyscraper? Don't worry, SSM has it covered. In fact, a long time ago a zoo keeper was having trouble trying to figure out how he was going to get some of his animals from one zoo (which was destroyed) to a brand new zoo. SSM actually stepped in and offered to help move the animals for free. They actually used moving trucks and bunk