Terry R. Jackson

Software Support Specialist in Los Angeles, California

Terry R. Jackson

Software Support Specialist in Los Angeles, California

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For the past 3 years Terry has been a Clinical Software Support Specialist at Asolva. Asolvadevelops antibiotic resistance software for the healthcare industry. Terry's primary responsibility is to provide excellent technical support in a timely manner via multiple communication channels – phone/email/ticket system/chat etc. Terry troubleshoots and resolves 90% of technical issues that Asolva users experience. Terry refers the 10% of critical issues and bugs to the development team for improvements.

Terry works closely with Asolva's development team to reproduce customer issues and to test new software builds, releases, and improvements Terry also works with the technology departments of several healthcare organizations to resolve engineering issues which affect Asolva software applications and servers.

For 15 years Terry worked with DynaMetric to help customers harness the power of telephone recording. Terry gets a real sense of accomplishment from helping people from all walks of life resolve technical issues. Terry uses ingenious techniques and advance skills to find solutions to everyday technical problems.

His interest in helping people understand technical issues was sparked during the 5 years he spent as a student and assistant instructor at the Computer Education Institute. Terry assisted the institute's students analyze technical data and explain it to end-users in a clear and timely manner. Terry saw first-hand the value of teaching people how to solve real-world problems.

Terry was recruited to work with Mlabs Video Conferencing Systems, where he was a Product Demonstration Specialist and Trainer for 5 years before coming to DynaMetric, Inc. As a Senior Support Specialist at DynaMetric, Terry works all levels of technical sales and product support. Terry is responsible for providing technical assistance for all of DynaMetric’s telephone recording products and accessories. During Terry’s 14 years with DynaMetric, he is involved in crucial areas of operations with emphasis on strategic technical relationships with major accounts.

Terry's professional goal is simple, he aims to bring people and technology together to make life easier.

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