Todd Smith Jacksonville

Director of Emergency Management in Jacksonville, Florida

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Todd Smith Jacksonville emerges as a steadfast pillar of commitment and integrity within public service. Donning the esteemed hats of Director of Emergency Management and Chief of Emergency Preparedness, his journey illuminates a profound dedication to the mantle of public safety. His inaugural steps in public administration were etched in 1992 with the Nassau County Fire and Rescue Department. His discerning insights and prudence swiftly catalyzed his shift to the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department by 1997. Within JFRD, his journey, peppered with determination, culminated in him assuming the Special Operations Training Manager role. Herein, he shepherded diverse teams through intricate terrains of challenges. Across his illustrious career, he's shouldered varied responsibilities, each significant. He orchestrated cohesive emergency responses, launched the pioneering drive-thru COVID-19 testing initiative, and fortified emergency procedures. His steadfast presence was particularly palpable during turbulent times, notably during the ravages of hurricanes like Matthew, Irma, and Dorian.

Simultaneous to his operational endeavors, he's fostered a robust academic lineage. Possessing Master's degrees in both Business and Public Administration, his educational voyage didn't plateau there. He augmented his credentials with a Graduate Executive Certificate in Public Administration and is ardently progressing towards a Ph.D. Renowned certifications from entities like the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association and the International Association of Emergency Managers punctuate his scholastic accolades. His journey, bathed in dedication and exemplary service, has attracted honors. Todd A Smith Jacksonville has been celebrated with the Valor and Exceptional Service Award from Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, a slew of special commendations from JFRD, and the Robert G. Mayes Excellence Award from Columbia Southern University.


  • Education
    • Liberty University
    • Waldorf University