"Trisha Trixie" Hunter-Merrill

SoloPrenuer, Life Designer, and Manifestor of Miracles in Denver, Colorado

"Trisha Trixie" Hunter-Merrill

SoloPrenuer, Life Designer, and Manifestor of Miracles in Denver, Colorado

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I enjoy and savor life to it's fullest. I am Authentic and Unique and as "Real" as it gets. I am a Life Designer, Manifester of Miracles and Sprinkler of Fabulousness!

I am a Life Designer (Life Coach), Manifestor of Miracles and Sprinkler of Fabulousness.

I am a Freelance PinUp Model, Fashion Designer,Fashion Blogger, Freelance Artist, Illustrator and Writer.

I write for a variety of sites as a Guest Blogger as well as for my own blogs. The top three are listed below but if you want some fun, Google "Trisha Trixie" and you can see all the many things I do!

www.trishatrixie.com (My Page)

www.trishatrixiedesigns.com (My Fashion Page)

www.justeetre.com (My Mindfulness Page)

www.thegoodofsisterhood.org (My Cause)

I am Trisha Trixie.

My current projects are

Design the Life You Desire, a ten week course where, together, we help you tackle the obstacles in your way, to make room for your true desires to come forth, and knowledge for how to make them manifest into your life.

One E-Book a Month. I desire to write one e-book a month to share my "Expertise" and knowledge with the masses.

Juste Etre: a Way of Living in the Moment to Just Be where I talk and share about Mindfulness & Wellness endeavors and thoughts and The Good of Sisterhood, where all women who desire to bond with other Sisters. Any can join and all are welcome!

Fashion Designer for TrishaTrixie Designs, my own Fashion Apron Line and Fashion Accessories...

"The Anti Domestic Apron"

I make Fashion Inspired Aprons, Apparel and Accessories to make YOU feel "Fabulous!" Everything I make is designed first, with vintage inspiration, then created.

Aprons are NOT just for baking anymore.

I want to announce to the world...

"Aprons are a Fashion Accessory! Aprons are sexy! They are no different from a purse or a scarf and are meant to be worn!"

Be Fabulous: From Fragile to FabulousProject

I want to share my message of how I got to this point in my dream and went from Fragile to Fabulous! I desire to inspire the world to Be Fabulous! Be Fabulous today and every day and every minute of your life.

If you had a choice to be anything, why wouldn't you choose to Be Fabulous?!

If you could Design the Life You Desire, would you? Then contact me and let's talk how.

I look forward to talking to you!

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