Think of it as a breeze in a box.

Zephyr™ is a Ductless Task Air-Conditioning unit, or D-TAC. It is a personal air-conditioner that stores heat temporarily, instead of ducting it outside the building. Heat is pumped by thermoelectric modules from the air-stream to a phase change material (PCM). The PCM slowly melts whilst the cooled air is gently delivered to the user. The unit releases the stored heat overnight, ready for another day's work.

Zephyr™ needs no servicing, uses no refrigerants and is expected to use 50% less energy than conventional air-conditioning. It allows you to work and live in comfort, without using inefficient ambient air-conditioning.

Proof of concept has been successfully completed. Investor relations and manufacturing partners are welcome. Please scroll down for more information.

ZEPHYR |ˈzefər | noun.a soft gentle breeze.